The Need

Being a police officer is not just a profession. It is a lifestyle - one that affects not only the officer but also the spouse/partner and, ultimately, the children. Because police officers live with the stress of constant exposure to the negative and devastating parts of life, they are too often left with the residuals of PTSD, anxiety, depression, and suicide. According to 2019 statistics, twice as many law enforcement officers died by committing suicide compared to dying while on the job. While police officers cater to their community's needs, deal with their department's issues, maintain some semblance of family life, and struggle with society's depiction of their role, who seeks to cater to them?

Our Mission

Cater2Cops seeks to offer a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual respite, a rest from the daily difficulties, to police officers, spouses, and children in a relaxed atmosphere where all the family has to do is rest, reconnect, and recharge. These retreats will be held at various locations around Lake Martin and Lay Lake. Officers' mental wellness not only affects their ability to make better decisions on the job, but it also has a positive impact on their personal lives as well. Cater2Cops will provide counselors and peer support for the officers, spouse, and children. Activities for children and adults, and plenty of family time will be available.

How to Help

Please consider supporting the men and women who serve us every day. Join Cater2Cops with your donations and corporate partnerships today. This is key to our commitment to cater to those who protect and serve all of us.